Artist statement

Jovanitha Le Long (b. 1985) is a Mauritian-French oil painter from Beauvais, France. She believes that we are our happiest when we are our truest. That's how, in 2020, she left her job as a lawyer to become a full time artist. Art brought her the freedom to be her true self, after masking most of her adult life, to hide her Asperger's syndrome. Her expressive compositions consist of simple lines and bold colours, outlined in black. She uses only pure colours, no mixing. Le Long strives to capture the essence of the subject matter until it results in a living harmony of colours.

Jovanitha paints to break the ruminating loop of thoughts and to experience stillness, thus bringing an incomparable peacefulness to her art. She has been featured in multiple blogs and publications, including The Purposeful Mayonnaise, Art Feeds Souls, Create Magazine and Arts to Hearts Magazine. Her work has been exhibited internationally, in Philadelphia, London, New York, San Francisco and more. 


  • Selected Group Exhibitions

    2024 Paradigm Gallery, Philadelphia, US

    2023 Bloom, Create Magazine, curated by Gita Joshi, virtual

    2022  Images de ma ville, de mon quartier, Beauvais, FR

    2021 Inner Power, The Art Queens, virtual

    2021 Rêvons ensemble, Maisons des arts, Créteil, FR

    2019  Urbanités, Maison des arts, Créteil, FR

  • Art Fairs

    Superfine Art Fair, New York, May 2024

    Superfine Art Fair, San Francisco, March 2024

    Superfine Art Fair, New York, September 2023

    Parallax Art Fair, London, July 2023

  • Press and Interviews

    Arts to Hearts Magazine, curated by Liz Lidgett, Summer issue 2023

    Alicia Puig, Create Magazine holiday gift guide, Create Magazine,
    November 29, 2022

    Geraldina Khatchikian, Conversation with Jovanitha Le Long, Art feeds
    souls, April 2022

    The Purposeful Mayonnaise, Issue 1, June 2021


The Fool’s Podcast, Season 2, Episode 2, “Human Rights Lawyer to Pop Art
Artist, Mauritius to France, Socialism & a NDE
” , December 2021

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